Centpressed – popular souvenir (coin) machines

Welcome to our website!

Since 2007 Centpressed has been a producer and operator of popular souvenir machines for Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey. For the last few years in cooperation with our partner from an EU country we have developed and innovated the machine to what it is today. We are ready to place our machines in any place of interest in Europe. The investment in the machine, maintenance of the machine and all related risks are our responsibility. The owner of the location will receive a previously agreed percentage from the income from the machine.

Being that our machines have a very attractive design, they usually get a lot of attention from customers. In addition to this each client that uses the machine makes a souvenir for himself, which is an advertisement for the location itself. Please have a look at the machines on our site, learn more about them and how they work.



Medallion conservation

albumMany clients from all over Europe love our medallions. They visit touristic landmarks with an intention to collect more and more souvenirs from our machines. That’s an interesting and fun avocation, but it is somewhat¬†inconvenient to store several dozen medallions in a bag or on a shelf. That’s why we can offer you albums, specially made for our souvenirs. You can buy them almost at every location where our machines are standing. The albums contain 36 slots in which you can store our medallions.